FORT LAUDERDALE — CharifLaw filed an injunction on behalf of Miami chiropractor Dr. Craig Kaler, against a competitor who began illegally using his business name.  The injunction was based on trademark infringement.

Craig H. Kaler DC PA d/b/a Ocean Chiropractic Center of Aventura filed a complaint on April 27 in the Broward Circuit Court against the defendant, located in Plantation, alleging that the company breached was violating its trademark rights.  

Dr. Kaler held his competitor responsible for consumer and brand confusion, as well as damage to his long established business goodwill, because the defendant began using essentially the same name as Dr. Kaler's, which had been registered with the State of Florida for years.     

The case was resolved without a trial.  The other party agreed to change their name.

Broward Circuit Court Case number 17-007969