CharifLaw is dedicated to providing boutique personal attention and aggressive litigation that provides results.  See how the Law Office of Spencer J. Charif can help you with your case.

CharifLaw has experience with investigation and prosecution of cases pursuant to FDUTPA Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practice Act.  False advertising, inventory and/or parts substitutions, warranties, are only some of the methods.  CharifLaw has represented businesses who have purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory under circumstances listed here.   CharifLaw has represented passive investors who have been defrauded.  Drop a contact form, and lets talk about how we can help.


Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices




fraudulent transfers


Mediation & Arbitration


Dissolution of Partnership or corporation





I hired Mr. Charif because another business similar to mine had essentially copied my business name. Following almost a year of heated phone calls, confusion with clients, and with no results Mr. Charif helped me formulate a specific game plan to get the other business to change their name. Mission accomplished without a long lengthy legal fight. Big thumbs up to Charif Law!
Five Stars.
— Dr. Craig Kaler, Ocean Chiropractic Center of Aventura
Attorney Charif helped me, as executor, settle a family member’s estate by expediting a summary judgement in the state of Florida. he accomplished within a month or so what normally would take several months accurately and expeditiously at very reasonable cost. Mr Charif is my Florida attorney for any and all legal matters. Highly recommended!
— Lorenzo