Condominium Associations

Spencer Charif has successfully represented condo owners in legal actions against boards acting improperly for a variety of reasons.  Associations have a unique power as a quasi-governmental body, acting pursuant to state statute. These powers are subject to great abuse.


There are limitations to the power of the association, designed to protect the homeowner. Florida Statute 718, and the Florida Administrative Code are designed to regulate the power of the board.

Condominium boards may over-reach by illegally denying a tenant, refusing to accept or apply maintenance payments, election and notice violations, failing to maintain the physical building and grounds, or other maintenance obligations.  The board has all of the power, the money, and the attorney on retainer. 

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I had a tenant all lined up to rent my condo when the board rejected him. They said there could only be a certain number of rentals in the building. I was referred to Spencer. He researched the bylaws, and they were illegally amended. We sued. They let my next tenant right in. Thank You Spencer.
— Carla