Chariflaw has successfully represented many clients who were seriously injured, and those who have lost loved ones.  

When it comes to the commercial trucking industry, the potential for great harm exists in the most mundane of errors.  Maintenance issues and driver violations are common.  Cargo can be loaded improperly causing a load to shift inside the trailer during a turn, causing  rollover.  In order to be effective, an attorney should also understand and be familiar with the complex web of federal and state safety regulations, and how to investigate the truck company's safety record.

CharifLaw has experience with fatal and catastrophic truck injury cases, including investigating, accident reconstruction, pre-suit demands, filing suit, and litigating all aspects of commercial truck negligence cases before judges and juries.  

An estimated 2 Million trucks operate on our roads each day.  Semi trucks cause an injury or fatality every 16 minutes.  

CharifLaw has recovered Millions for victims of truck industry negligence.  Call us today for your 100% free case assessment. 

We prosecute trucking negligence in all 50 states

IIHS Truck Incident Stats


333,000 Large trucks in accidents in 2012

3921 people killed by large truck accidents

34% of crashes involved driver fatigue

21% of truck crashes involved excessive speed

8.2% of fatal collisions- driver had suspended or revoked licensee