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As a former prosecutor at the Office of The Miami-Dade State Attorney, Attorney Charif will be able to advise you, present alternatives, and lay out a clear defense trial strategy, including motions to reveal confidential informants, and investigation of witnesses, depositions of witnesses and, motions to exclude evidence and statements, and trial strategy.  With many jury trials, retired FBI investigators on staff, and years of experience on both sides of the courtroom, we can help. 

We Practice in Federal and State Court

Attorney Charif regularly practices in the Florida Courts, and has represented many Clients charged with offenses throughout Florida, including Narcotics Trafficking, Homicide, Robbery, Sexual Battery, Felony Contracting Without A License, Domestic Violence.

If you have been charged with a crime, call us right away for your 100% free consultation. We practice in Florida, Massachusetts, and the Federal Courts.

OUR PROCESS BEGINS WITH Personalized Case Analysis

Every case begins with a meeting and personal discussion of the facts. From this information, we begin to list documents and people things to find in our investigative process.

Investigation and Discovery

Investigation - team of specialized investigators, former FBI and treasury agents. They find witnesses and secure evidence and statements.

Discovery - Review everything available from the government about their case


Negotiations are more art than science.  A full discussion would require an entire website, treatise, book or perhaps volumes.  Suffice to say, all efforts to obtain satisfactory results are made before making a decision to proceed to trial.

Motion Practice

Motion litigation may consist of motions to exclude evidence due to illegal search by the government, or motions to exclude statements extracted illegally by the police.  Additional motions may be filed in particular cases.



Trial includes preparation.  Anticipation of the government's case, punching sufficient holes, and shifting the playing surface through use of the information gained in the discovery and investigative stages.  Trial is not a competition, it is a presentation with winners and losers.

I was visiting the west coast of Florida with some friends. The police stopped the car with all four of us when we were on our way back to Miami. The police searched the car, and the trunk, and accused me of drug trafficking because of something they found in the trunk of the car. The Public Defender told me to plead guilty and accept an adjudication of guilt, and a serious minimum mandatory sentence in prison. This would also make me a making me a convicted felon for life.

A friend referred me to Mr. Charif. I hired him, and he quickly started investigating and immediately started causing problems for the prosecutors. He filed some motions about witnesses. The case had been around for over a year and nothing changed. Once he started representing me, things changed. The prosecutors changed their tune because he showed that they couldn’t prove their case against me, and they would lose the motion to suppress the evidence, and my statements. They offered me a year of probation, and no conviction. It is because of him, that I am not a convicted felon today. Five Star Lawyer
— Jose
My son was charged with a very serious offense, and he was facing 30 years in state prison. My son’s DNA was found at the scene, and things looked very bad. I hired Spencer Charif to represent him. Mr. Charif filed a motion to reduce his bond, and got him out of jail. He investigated the case, deposed the police and the witnesses, and went to trial. He showed the jury that the victim was lying, despite DNA evidence. The jury found him NOT GUILTY in 33 minutes. Spencer Charif is our family attorney for life.
— Ellen
I hired Spencer Charif to represent me in a case where I was charged with sale or delivery of a controlled substance. I drove my car to a friend’s house. I was there when the police were executing a search warrant on the house I was going to. The police searched my car, and they claim they found drugs and could prove intent to distribute.

A friend told me he had a guy, and referred me to Spencer. We met in his office downtown, and he told me has some ideas based on the review of my reports. He said it wasn’t as bad as I thought. He was very comforting and seemed to know what he was going to do. I hired him immediately.

Mr. Charif started researching and emailing the prosecutor. Spencer determined there was a problem with the search warrant. Spencer got the case thrown out. The gang and narcotics prosecutor didn’t even file it. He dismissed it. I will never hire another attorney for the rest of my life. He’s my guy.
— Antonio